OUT NOW: Saint Evo’s debut album, JERU


SAINT EVO ALBUM FRONT COVER copy (1600 by 1600)

Finally…. JERU is here!!!!

After 9 years of traversing the musical lands far and wide, above and below… Saint Evo The Myth has finally amalgamated his life experiences into one unified narrative that is JERU, his debut album.

JERU is an exemplar of the limitless possibilities that positive collaborative initiatives within and without borders can accomplish. This is an album that is representative of the “transitory chronicles” of the African self in time and space. It is an album that hopefully with be a point of both intrinsic and extrinsic reference…. a lantern to the Equatorial House musical Shambhala…

Featuring: Toshi (SA), RubyGold (SA), Kwame (KE), Nuru (KE), Idd Aziz (KE), Bantu Clan (UG), Tetu Shani (KE), Karama (KE), Hybrid Actuary (KE), Kage Sparks (UK) & Denham Smith (GER/JAM)!


Now available on online stores worldwide, click below on the preferred store, to purchase or listen to JERU.

1. iTunes

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3. Bandcamp

Executive Producer: Saint Evo “The Myth”
Sequenced, Mixed & Produced by: Saint Evo “The Myth”
Mastered by: Giggz of Xtrim Records
Design, Visuals & Artwork by: Klan Of The Kings
Vocals by: Saint Evo, Toshi, RubyGold, Idd Aziz, Kwame, Tetu Shani, Nuru, Kage Sparks, Denham Smith, Karama, Buka Chimey & Kendie.
Guitars by: Hybrid Actuary (track 6 & 8) & Tetu Shani (track 3)
Label: Celsius Degree Entertainment Ltd.

DROPPING SOON: Saint Evo’s debut album, JERU!

Saint Evo “The Myth”‘s Debut Album, JERU. Featuring 11 artists from UK, Jamaica, South Africa, Germany, Kenya & Uganda!

JERU is an Embu word (Embu: one of the 45 languages in Kenya) meaning “NEW”. JERU, is the hallmark of the new sound of house music emanating from the Equatorial region of Africa, namely Equatorial House. A genre that Saint Evo proudly labels as the new sound that will take the East African sound to global recognition.

1. The Call Of Engai
2. Tinda Netsa (ft. Idd Aziz)
3. Where Is My Lover (ft. Tetu Shani)
4. Fire Flies (ft. RubyGold)
5. Kala Na Kala (ft. Nuru)
6. Kau (ft. Kwame)
7. Ukhalelani (ft. Toshi)
8. The Strum (ft. Hybrid Actuary)
9. Tonight (ft. Kage Sparks & Denham Smith)
10. Ekibobo (ft. Bantu Clan)
11. Ikweta (ft. Karama)




Going down on Saturday the 29th of October at KrossBar Sports Lounge!
Celsius Degree Entertainment & WildHouse Music team up with Blackfish INC to bring a night of great music by none other than Saint Evo & Karama Musau as well as featuring some of the finest DJs: DJ Nephas & Toxiq Deejay!

Time: 6pm till Late

Entry is free!

Dress Code: Feel free to dress up!

Music Policy: Equatorial House, Afro House, Tribal House, Soulful House, Trap, Hip Hop & Dancehall


Saint Evo & Karama’s New EQ Remix

An Equatorial remix of Bantu Clan vs Sarabi’s “Africa Ni Leo” masterpiece…Remixed & Mastered by Saint Evo & Karama.

Bantu Clan, Sarabi, Giovanni Kremer Kiyingi, Jude Mugwera, Muserebende Haytham Ssali, DJ Racheal & Sandy Soul.

Label: Bantu Pro Uganda/Celsius Degree Ent/WildHouse Music



JERU The Album: Surprise Features

It has been a pleasure taking you through a glimpse of my debut musical narrative that is JERU The Album. This album has been graced by a variety of artists from different cultural backgrounds, genres, spiritual beliefs, genders and nationalities. These range from the upcoming, underground to the well established. He has had the pleasure of working with eleven artists for JERU. So far only nine have been disclosed. I will be revealing the last two artists in October. These last two artists are immensely gifted female vocalists from South Africa that most House head music lovers are familiar with. They are the cherry on top.

Here is the full album playlist thus far, as we await the last two announcements:


JERU The Album: Karama

Karama Mnjama is a heterogeneous Kenyan artist, DJ/Producer & musician. His productions cross a wide range of House styles, house, deep, electro, progressive, indie-dance and Afro as seen in his debut EP, The Afro Experiment. With a constantly evolving sound, Karama continues to experiment with and cross over into various musical genres. Karama’s love for house music started at an early age after having discovered house music in his teens. In his formative years Karama started to combine and create his own beats with other instruments. His early DJ sets saw him mix up deep house, progressive house, tech house and minimal house music, stirred up with a lot of groovy and funky elements. He got the recognition he deserved as a DJ when he commenced hosting House themed parties at student entertainment parlours in Daystar University where he has partnered with Lukenya Movement amongst others.

Karama has a running monthly podcast, Afro Texture that showcases his mixing style and taste of music. He has several productions under his belt and his role as the head producer at BHARAKUDA has seen him work with producers from across Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Morocco.

In tandem to committing himself to the musical force, Karama is currently in the throes of completing his Undergraduate Degree in Psychology at U.S.I.U- Africa. He is also the C.E.O and co founder of Kenyan record label Wildhouse Music. For JERU The Album, Karama brings the wild side of house to the Ikweta.

Listen to the preview below:

JERU The Album: The Call Of Engai

Call of Engai is a song that draws heavily from Maasai traditional music. It is a track that begins with slow and steady beats that grow gradually faster and more emphatic while various flourishes like drum and rattle tremolos, flutes and accented patterns add variety. This track probes the levels of inner consciousness and sensory awareness is heightened varying in degrees from very light to excessively deep.

The making of this song is inspired by the epistemological narratives of our spiritual existence and the mystical variables that inform that reality. It is posited that the source of true music and the source of true spiritualism will always remain the same, and that source is a cry, a birthless and deathless cry; an eternal hunger. It is a hunger not for one’s own gratification, but for God’s satisfaction in God’s own way. Thus, when music and spiritualism are derived from this source, only then can the message and beauty of music and the message and beauty of spiritualism be divinely illumining and fulfilling. Call of Engai is an exemplar of this.

JERU The Album: Nuru

NURU or also known as Nuru Mnjama is a young budding vocalist, instrumentalist and songwriter from Nairobi, Kenya. Having gone through the Brookhouse Music B-Tech program as well as the renown Sauti Academy in Kenya, Nuru  has worked with and received support from some of the country’s biggest artists and producers. It is said that a  voice, “Is an amazing voice when it not only brings a room to a halt but also when it rivals its very own existence”. That is Nuru, an artist that shows much promise with the effortless manner in which she lyrically and vocally delivers each time she graces a track.

Being a young artist, Nuru oozes with much potential and novelty as embodied in her expressive delivery of music in her vernacular dialect (Taita). In the Taita tongue, Nuru usurps the listener from his/her dreary hypnagogic state and thrusts him/her into a dazzling psychedelic  rabbit-hole of  harmonic energies.  Nuru is akin to a musical shaman, a lyrical mystic possessing the capacity to purr melodies that have the ability to make the listener leave the body and communicate with the spirit world. Her grown-up brand of  hypnotic music – understated, spiritualism, with that sultry voice and her astonishing African splendour – give her a sophisticated appeal.

For JERU The Album, the musical shaman that is Nuru employs a spellbinding sound to catalyze an imaginary inner environment which is experienced as a sacred space-time in which the listener  travels and communes with his/her internal spirit. “Kala Na Kala” is the product of a budding collaboration between Nuru and Saint Evo that has cemented their working relationship, especially after the initial workings of Equatorial remixes of her featured musical pieces that were  ’s “Aba Na Mao” and Karama’s “Time” .  “Kala Na Kala” is  the “Lord’s Prayer” sang in KiTaita. This is a track that prods the  inner levels of spiritual consciousness and sensory awareness,  heightening them into varying degrees of transcendent trance trips.

Listen to the preview below on Soundcloud:

JERU The Album: Frazier Moray

Frazier Moray also known as Kevin Ndegwa is a Kenya-based Saxophonist with the passion to make beautiful music. Having being introduced to musical theory at an early age, it has enabled him to diversify as well as specialize his style of play & performance. He is well versed in instrumental arrangement, live performance, music facilitation and the beautiful art of improvisation of which he has mastered on his tool of trade, the Alto Saxophone.

When asked what his style of music is, he boldly states his style is nothing else but, Afro-Urban.

He has worked alongside great affiliates who share the same dream and passion, as his mission is to contribute & create a musical scene that can penetrate into the Global music scene, as well as showcase Kenya’s diverse musical identity. He echoes the words of previous Sax greats by stating “I have one mission in life, that is to make people take the saxophone seriously. It’s time they discovered the nobility of this spoiled instrument.”

For JERU The Album, Frazier’s Saxophone teams up with Saint Evo to produce an evenly controlled sound from the sax that can “sing” with a clean vibrato or a finely trimmed staccato, swelling robustly and solidly with no trace of the breathy air sound. Sax Shuffle is an ushering of the becoming of Frazier Moray.

Have a listen to the preview below:

JERU The Album: Idd Aziz

Idd Aziz is a distinguished Kenyan born artist, vocalist, instrumentalist as well as percussionist. He is an experienced muse that plays the guitar, flute and a variety of African percussions. Previously based in Tronheim, Norway, Idd’s passion for music begun at the tender age of 13 in Nairobi, followed by a world tour at the age of 15 years.

Inspired by his father, his level of discipline and focus is incredibly evident in his consistency and the abundant energy he places in his diverse style of music, which is a combination of world sounds accompanied by deep African rhythms and notations. His vocals on the other hand have a hypnotic aerated spell that always tends to enchant the listener’s heart and soul.

As a singer/songwriter, Idd has worked and written for artists such as Necessary Noize since 2002, co-writing “Siku Nikifa” and remixed “Msenangu”, Mercy Myra’s “Mahabuba”, Achieng’ Abura’s “Wimbo Wangu”, and remixed “Makelele” with Norwegian-based Kenyan artiste STL as well as other respected artists from US. He recently released a five track EP, with musical gems such as “Makelele”,Machozi & “Come Dada featuring Kenyan rapper Khaligraph that caused ripples in the Nairobi music scene.

Idd summarizes his musical philosophy by stating, “Real artistes do not have struggles. They take their time to research and create music that will get people to listen. Then everything else falls into place and people look for you. The artistes who want to rush art, struggle.” This sort of world-view has bore fruit with him inevitably having worked with the likes of Angelique Kidjo, Salif Keita, Alpha Blondy, Heing Siumaro, Youssou N’ dour, Trondheim Orchestra inter alia.

Once again, Idd Aziz teams up with the pioneer of the Equatorial House sound in his upcoming Album, JERU The Album, and the product is “ Tinda Netsa”, a Kamba phrase meaning “All Is Well”. In this song Idd takes the listener into a trance state. As his voice advances along the musical scales and with each succeeding note producing a sound of an imperceptibly higher pitch in perfect rhythm with the increasing hysteria of the drums and the low cracked voice of the whistle…nirvana becomes palpable.

JERU The Album: Kage Sparks & Denham Smith

Kage Sparks a.k.a. Africa’s Street Ambassador is a descendant of Kenyan/Tanzanian heritage who was born in Europe. Having been a resident of the UK for many years, his debut album The World is My Block was written and recorded in the US. His first introduction to hip‐hop was on the streets of Nairobi at the age of 11, at a time when the young revolutionary minds were gravitating towards hip-hop due to its ability to effectively communicate the struggles and lost dreams of the youth.

Sparks attributes the harnessing of his skills as an M.C. to the many months every year he spent up country in the small rural village where his dad was born and raised; a place where poverty is a grim reality of life.

“Being a city boy and now finding myself in a small village in the middle of nowhere with no electricity, no running water and little to do to pass time I would end up writing rhymes and free styling for hours every day with no beats or access to music I would have to come up with creative flows in my head.”

As he grew older his reputation as a ferocious battler spread and along his travels to different cities round the world, he found that one thing everybody respects irrespective of where they come from is a winner. “Winning became a powerful addiction for me, battling allowed me to see that having a fearless approach to anything in life gets you a lot further and it’s a strategy I apply in everything I do to this day.”

Sparks talent for music is backed by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and augmented by a first class honors degree in finance and business. He along with business partners in the US and Europe have launched Nomadic Star a global entertainment company as well as Nomadic Star Foundation, a non‐profit organization that provides educational material and workshops for young kids in deprived areas of the world teaching them how to empower themselves, develop leadership skills and how to tackle the social ills affecting their communities.


Denham Smith, born Richard Alwin Smith, was born in St. Ann, Jamaica.
 As the sixth of eleven kids he grew up under modest circumstances. At the age of ten he sang in the local gospel choir and at fifteen he started his first band Chilli Hill & The Crew, with whom he played at local hotel bars.

In 1995, Denham went to Germany where he quickly found his way into the music scene of Cologne. Here, he became popular as a singer and songwriter, especially in the genres of RnB and Dance. He first got signed with the group Lexx under Power Jam Records. Later he signed with N-Studios as a solo artist and gained more popularity being the opening act for artists such as Beverly Knight, Horace Brown and TQ. In the following years, Denham refined his skills as a singer and songwriter, composing music for international movies and television programs such as Postal and DSF Fight Club.

Being Jamaican, Denham never lost touch with his musical roots and in 2008 he started focusing on Reggae again.
This soon resulted in releases under the label Pow Pow, located in Cologne.
In 2010, Denham was successful in the Reggae domain with his single Jezzibell (Oneness Records), which was popular in England. In 2011, his Reggae mixtape Fusion In Me followed and this laid the foundation for his future work with the elite of Europe’s Reggae and Dancehall producers.

For JERU The Album, Kage Sparks & Denham have partnered to offer an explosive enamored sound that tells a sultry narrative of unpolluted desire that is pregnant with unbridled intent. Tonight is an exemplar of the worth of creating bridges between artists located in distant geographical spaces. It is a dance floor song that fuses three genres (Hip-Hop, Reggae-Dancehall and Equatorial House) into a tune that cuts across musical boundaries.

JERU The Album: Hybrid Actuary

The guitar-based virtuoso, Hybrid Actuary has etched a niche for himself within progressive guitar. He began as a member of the fresh out garage-band, Dove Slimme, where his guitar solos on “The Anthem”, “Leo and Leo” and “Identity” garnered national acclaim.

He is also an accomplished guitarist having been featured on the popular counter culture website AFROPUNK, where he was mentioned as,

The …virtuoso nodding to metal legends like Kirk Hammett and Joe Satriani with odd bits of Van Halen effects-laden tapping thrown in for good measure. On tracks like ‘Love and Anxiety’, and the triumphant leads of ‘Woolly Mammoth’, Hybrid Actuary showcases his strong fretwork. Some songs like the appropriately titled ‘Random guitar solo’ are sketches in search of a vocalist, but even his rough outlines showcase a fresh talent worth watching. Check this out if you’re a fan of instrumental guitar heroics.”

Hybrid has been stretching his composition by engaging in an exploratory journey into the Electronic Music space and will soon be releasing Electronic Dance Music (EDM) that is an amalgamation of all his experiences and passions all rolled into a newfangled mind-numbing genre.

“The Strum”, is a product of a unison between two inventive souls. It is where two detached genres merge into one, where the Afro-Punk seduces the Afro-Beat and sends the latter on a prancing spree. It is where the Hybrid breeds a new music feel…one that is virtually tactile! This is what Hybrid Actuary brings to JERU The Album…alive Magic!

Have a listen to the preview on Soundcloud below…

Photo Credits by: Migwa Nthiga


JERU The Album: Tetu Shani

In 2014, Tetu Shani, a self-taught percussionist and guitarist, got accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music. However, he turned it down favouring instead to be a part of the musical renaissance that was unraveling in Nairobi as well as cultivate traction for his music within the local scene. This thirst to walk the un-trodden path and chart novel pastures for alternative Kenyan music is what has set him apart from his peers.

It is thus comes as no surprise that he is the pioneer of the Chakuti sound. A genre which he defines as being a blend of American Folk, captivating Chakacha, sounds from the Coast of Kenya, as well as the inclusive blend of the staccato Isikuti rhythms from Western Kenya. His music has been described as Mood Music living to the creed of, “For every sliver on the spectrum of emotion, there is a song.” In 2015, he was the recipient of a bronze medal in the Global Music Awards for his single, Round and Round.

Tetu, having grown up as the son of a Kenyan diplomat, has had the opportunity to travel far and wide. The experiences he garnered in his interactions with a myriad of rich cultures in countries such as Zambia, Mauritania, Senegal, Canada and the USA, are boldly reflected in a beautiful manner in his music. It is for this reason that he calls himself an “African Troubadour,” referencing the musician/poets of Europe who would roam while singing songs about love and life.

Tetu Shani, the African Troubadour, brings to JERU The Album this convergence of collective cultural experiences. In the recording of the song Where Is My Lover, Shani utilized unique traditional instruments such as the Kubing, fusing them with folk rhythms from a modern acoustic guitar. Its evident to hear in this record, his new found sound enmeshed with Equatorial House.

Have a listen to the preview on Soundcloud below…

WEBSITE: www.tetushani.com

JERU The Album: Kwame

In a world where people seldom sing about unadulterated love, let alone wear their hearts on their sleeves, Kwame has decided to swim against the current and give voice to this enfeebling emotion.

His vibrato is the stuff of legends, and his music a breath of fresh air. He calls his music Urban Folk, a mélange of styles ranging from Rhumba & Afro-soul, to Ethiopian Gurage peppered with Akorino mellismas paying tribute to his heritage.

Kwame croons about a wide array of issues from love to lessons taught to him by his late father, to the humdrum of daily life. His musical muse is his Cleopatra, who he is happily married to. Although his music is laced with Kiswahili, he has a vibrant fondness for his mother tongue Gikuyu, which empowers him to fluently express the matters that tug at his heartstrings. Kwame is currently recording his debut album which should be out soon.

Some of his most popular songs include: Githeremende where he took a stab at free-style rapping, Hali Ya Maisha picked as the theme song for TV series Higher Learning, Mama Wa Taifa which paid homage to the late Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai, Holela which decried the HIV pandemic as well as Wajali commissioned by first Lady Margaret Kenyatta to highlight the plight of orphans. Malkia and Aki Wewe which are fairly recent are an ode to love and cut across musical divides.

According to Kwame, love is a consuming fire that sets souls ablaze, or burns them to smoldering ashes. This love theme is what Kwame brings to JERU The Album with his song Kau that reiterates the need for aversion to violence and gravitation towards amorous discourses of existence and life.

Have a listen to the preview on Soundcloud below…



The Early Years EP is comprised of songs produced by Saint Evo between the years 2012 – 2014 that have been in the vaults. It is an apt prequel to his debut album, JERU!

1. Olekajuado
2. Nani ft. Dumac
3. Waro ft. Dumac
4. Closer ft. Mbewe
5. Soils of Sands
6. Klong
7. Kwai
8. Cwezy ft. Jayurn Cynior – Together (Bonus Track)

Sequenced, Mixed & Mastered by Saint Evo…In Memory of the late Duncan “Dumac” Sande.

Indulge n Enjoy!


Saint Evo’s Remix of Black Coffee’s Music Is The Answer ft. Ribatone

Here is a lovely remix of Black Coffee’s “Music Is The Answer” ft. Ribatone, for the #10YearsOfBlackCoffee tribute by Red Bull Studios Cape Town.

Indulge n Enjoy!


NEW REMIX: M3 & Nuru – Aba Na Mao (Saint Evo’s Equatorial Remix)

Saint Evo graces us with another Equatorial remix. A remix of the sensational Taita hit track, Aba Na Mao, by one of Kenya’s upcoming producer M³ & the sentient vocalist, Nuru!

A spiritual song full of comfort, love & hope!

Indulge n Enjoy!

Saint Evo’s Forthcoming Release – Early Years EP

Starting off the New Year of 2016, Saint Evo presents his first offering of Equatorial House, finally confirming the forthcoming release of the “pre-quel” to his long awaited debut album, JERU. A selection of his unreleased musical works from the year 2011 to 2015, titled, Early Years.

The release date is yet to be confirmed, but a surprise release seems to be the order of the day. The EP will feature artists such as, the late Zimbabwean maestro instrumentalist and vocalist, Dumac, Zambian/Kenyan vocalist Mbewe (from the hit EP, Kalijo) & the effervescent Equatorial House “first lady” Inami.

Here is an exclusive snippet off the forthcoming Early Years EP…a glimpse of what to expect. A track produced together with Dumac, titled, Nani!



Saint Evo’s long awaited Kalijo Remix EP featuring the sultry vocals of Zambian vocalist, Mbewe.

A remix EP of Saint Evo’s previously released Kalijo EP in late 2013. A heavy Ep consisting of ten remixes from DJ/Producers from Kenya & South Africa, namely, Kaynez, Brackish, DJ Cecil, LayedSoul & Melo Mokoena, without forgetting Saint Evo’s two reinterpretations of his original, an “Alternative Mix” & an “Equatorial Reprise”.

A lovely EP for music creators and contributors, such as DJs, Producers, Remixers & most important of all, the music listener. The Remix EP  showcases how one record can be relayed in various ways through different engineers talented at their own trade of production. It carries a story in strips of divine indulgence, emulating the same story in different shades, ideal, for the new age muse, as well as a truly Panafrican EP with talented musicians stretching from Kenya to Zambia and South Africa.

Here is the full Remix EP…for your listening pleasure!


New Track Release: Saint Evo – Fly Away ft. Mbewe

Its been a interesting year for Celsius Degree‘s Saint Evo “The Myth” with the releases he has in store for his fans this last quarter of the year. With the release of his Kalijo Remix EP slated for release on the 14th of October, 2015. Consisting of ten remixes from him as well as other Music Producers from Kenya & South Africa…To his Early Years Compilation that he has been quietly putting together since the start of the year of 2011 to 2014, a collage of his earlier productions that have been comfortably sitting in his vault and never been heard before. Showcasing his earlier productions works to his fans and the public at large, in culmination to his Debut Album, JERU, slated for release early 2016.

As a hint of what to expect from his Early Years Compilation, here is a track that was meant to be part of it, titled “Fly Away”.

The track was made in August, 2012 but was finalized this year, 2015, featuring yet again, Mbewe aka Natalie Mukami (which means Eagle in Chewa) half Kenyan, half Zambian. A vibrant vocalist, songwriter & instrumentalist. The track was made during her stay in Kenya, as well as another previous release of Saint Evo’s namely, Kalijo.
Fly Away is a love song, a House track that shares African elements meshed with latin melodies and african guitar rhythms without forgetting Saint Evo’s  Equatorial touch.
The full track is now available on Bandcamp…Click HERE to purchase it.
Here is a little snippet for your listening pleasure…

A Glimpse of “JERU” The Album

Saint Evo “The Myth” finally drops a track snippet off his long awaited Debut Album titled, JERU.

The track is called “The Rapture”, a track that displays the evolution of the Equatorial sound as well as what to expect from the pregonitor of Equatorial House.

His debut album is bound for release early 2016, featuring collaborations with various artists from East Africa & Europe. An album worth the wait that’ll be available on the iTunes store platform.

Here is the lovely snippet for your listening pleasure…now available on Soundcloud.



NEWS ALERT! We Are Happy To Announce Saint Evo’s New Website!

Have A Peek!

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 8.17.47 PM

Click HERE To View The Full Site!



Celsius Degree Entertainment presents…

The Comeback of the Godfather of Kenyan Hip Hop, KITU SEWER…with his latest track, titled, RING ALARM, featuring the EQ wizard, Evo & the effervescent, Kali D!

Lyrics by: Kitu Sewer & Kali D
Produced & Conducted by: Evo aka Saint Evo
Managed by: Jacob Ngunyi
Mastered @ Celsius Degree Ent.

Indulge n Enjoy!