Press and Reviews

Press and Reviews

30. Kitu Sewer’s New Release, RING ALARM (ft. Evo & Kali D) Featured on Get Mziki!

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29. Boneless’s New Hit Release, Supaficial…Featured on


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28. Saint Evo & Winnie Chris Featured on UP Magazine’s #TopTenTuesdays

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27. UP Magazine Feature on Saint Evo’s New Track, “Ingoma Lo”


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There comes a time when the city needs a new and refreshing sound. Residents tire of listening to imported tracks from Europe, Nigeria and the Americas. It may sound like the beginning of V for Vendetta but we need to be rescued from bad music. Enter ’Ingoma Lo’. Throw into your metaphorical musical mixing bowl the talented soulful songstress Inami, the multi lingual maestro Dumac from Zimbabwe with a dash of Saint Evo the Myth and you get an Equatorial House tune that will get you grooving.

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26. Saint Evo featured on Sound Safari on

The Second installment for’s Monthly Podcast, Sound Safari, had the pleasure of  having Saint Evo “The Myth” as their special guest, showcasing the new Kenyan born genre of Equatorial House alongside the best selections of Kenyan EDM music.

Have a listen to the second episode of Sound Safari and get to experience the fine sounds of Electronic music to emanate from Kenya.

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25. Saint Evo featured on Santur Safari’s Documentary Article on Pulse Radio

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Santuri Safari is a network of DJs, musicians, producers and cultural activists with a vision to create a contemporary underground East African sound.

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24.C Degree mentioned on DUBSPOT’s Interview of Afro House Grooves in Kenya with DJ Cortega.

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…Hailing from Switzerland, Cortega has built a solid DJ reputation on the Afrobeat and House scenes in Washington, DC and New York since 2005. He has played in major clubs in the region and electronic music events around the world. I first had the distinct pleasure and honor of meeting DJ Cortega when he stopped by Dubspot New York in search of a Logic course. This mellow, humble Swiss cat spearheads a collective of native Kenyans in his adopted city of Nairobi.

When asked who are some of the originators of House music in Nairobi and who are the up and comers we should look out for, he answered;

“…Production-wise, keep an ear out for the upcoming Electrique DJs album, which brings together artists from across Kenya, performing in their own tribal language, and traditional instruments. I think this will be very novel, for Kenya and beyond. Other cats who are putting out innovative production include Saint Evo and his Celsius Degree crew…

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23. INAMI – CONSTANT CRAVING (Saint Evo’s Lounge Remix)

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Inami a stable member of the Celsius Degree Entertainment label also based in Kenya…

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“Constant Craving” has been remixed by DJ/producer Saint Evo, a sound described by me as lounge meets afro-house meets late 1980s dance. This track is featured on a special remix project called Re-Incarnation of her Debut EP, Little Lost. The music is what the label defines as Equatorial House, and the plan is to spearhead a new movement to stretch the limits of House music and to put Kenya as a place on the map for the genre. 

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New Release!

Soulful Afrohouse’s song bird Inami decided to give her fans a treat this Christmas by releasing the reincarnation of her successful debut EP Little Lost. The EP is crafted with expertise…

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21. Sentient Sound Sessions presents Nairobi meets Jozi! (By Afrikan Mbiu)

Saint Evo is back yet again with another fine episode of his Talking Drums Series…Episode 9! Featuring A special guest all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa. The multi talented DJ/Producer, Chino Chaplin!

Episode 9 of Talking Drums presents a glimpse of what to expect on their new show come, 2015, titled “Letter From The Deep”…a deeper & alternative shade of their musical personas, a blend of the best selections from Africa and the Global Music Scene.

Talking Drums EP 8 copy

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20. NEW REMIX FEATURE: Manuel De La Mare & DJ Diass – Nothing (Saint Evo’s Afro Tech Remix) By Afrikan Mbiu

A Massive Remix from one the  five pillars at SSS (Sentient Sound Sessions), none other than Saint Evo “The Myth”.

With an AfroTech rework of the hit track, “Nothing” by Italian sensation, Manuel De La Mare & DJ Diass.

Indulge n Enjoy!


Manuel de la Mare artwork remix

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19. Saint Evo The Myth Drops Exclusive Celsius Degree Tracks On His Talking Drums Series!

A series that has taken shape for the last year, as Sentient Sound Sessions celebrates its Second year running in creating platforms & building bridges for DJ/Producers and music contributors across borders.

Talking Drums hosted by Saint Evo “The Myth” is an Afro House podcast (show) that celebrates the finest selections of Afro House music may it be from Africa or from the rest of the world. One of the perks of listening to Ralking Drums has always been the chance to get to listen to the exclusive sounds of Celsius Degree  as well as its affiliates, making it a unique musical journey and a perfect place for listeners to be in the know of whats new in the Global “Afro House” Music Scene.

Evo SSS  Template

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18. UP Magazine Feature On Saint Evo “The Myth”


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Boneless has finally signed with Celsius Degree Entertainment. Boneless, a legendary dancer who is credited with having coached many an artiste or chorographer in Kenya today and a pioneer in Kenyan House music, has joined the stable of the leading House record label in East Africa. In what may prove to be a masterstroke for both parties, Boneless now finds himself having all of his musical productions smithed by the pioneer of Equatorial House, Saint Evo The Myth. Saint Evo The Myth is also the CEO of Celsius Degree Entertainment and as such the signing is a great coup for the outfit. When asked what lead him to seal the deal with Boneless, this is what Saint Evo had to say:

When I made the decision to seriously pursue a career in the entertainment industry, I did some research to acquaint myself with the players in this sphere. It was at that time that I came across one Boneless and was pleasantly surprised by the similarity he bore with Dj Cleo in his work on the “Kusunga” track. I was pleased by the fact that he was also bold enough to try something new and execute it professionally. There and then, I vowed to sign him whenever the opportunity arose…that time has come.”

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We are proud to announce our new stable signing on Celsius Degree. The Multi-talented songstress, WINNIE CHRIS!

Keep It Locked for her first release!


15. INAMI’s Constant Craving Video featured on UP Magazine’s Viral Wednesdays

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14. Saint Evo’s New EP, Equatorial Tales Volume 1…Part 1 Feature On Afrikan Mbiu

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The long awaited LP by Celsius Degree’s label boss and producer Saint Evo has finally be revealed. The equatorial house pioneer has built so much anticipation for this one we are all glad that the first part of the Equatorial Tales is out. After successful release of other EPs such Zamani Za Kale and Inami’s debut EP Little Lost where he was the producer behind it.

Now it is our huge honor to present Equatorial Tales Vol 1, Part 1.

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13. East African DJ Collective Santuri Safari’s Uganda Exclusives

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Santuri Safari are a loose collective of DJs, producers and musicians based in East Africa. Responding to what they perceive to be contemporary East African music’s identity crisis in the face of global influences (specifically citing the influence of mainstream hip-hop and R&B), the project brings electronic and hip-hop DJs/producers together with local musicians to make “underground” electronic dance music in East Africa. So far they’ve run production workshops and studio sessions in Zanzibar (at theSauti Za Busara Festival) and Uganda (at the DoaDoa Festival).

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12. New EP by Saint Evo “The Myth”…Get it now on Soundcloud.

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11. DOADOA Brings Together Region’s Best Artists

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Doa Doa is a networking, marketing and promotion platform seeking to help East African artistes project their sound outside the region. The four-day event kicked off at National Theatre on May 6 and will climax with the Bayimba Regional Festival of the Arts.

Some of the high profile delegates headlining the various panel discussions in Jinja include Marion van Dijck from Kenya’s Sawa Sawa Festival, Ben Mandelson, a Producer from WOMEX, the acclaimed world music market and Tabu Osusa from the Kenya-based Ketebul Music label. Others are Paul Duhaney from the Liverpool-based Africa Oyé Festival, Uganda’s Deborah Asiimwe, Coordinator of Sundance EA and Carmela Sinco a Filipino New York-based Composer/Musician.

Seeing different East African acts like Swahilli Ally from Tanzania, Santuri Safari DJs (from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & UK), and Christopher and Angel both from Rwanda, among others is no easy fate for any festival organizer.

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10. SANTURI SAFARI @ Sauti Za Busara 2014

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The Santuri Safari offers 4 days of DJ workshops, performances, and networking opportunities 

Two workshops were held concurrently 12-14 February: the first workshop geared toward industry professionals interested in learning more about new music technologies and new marketing strategies. SoundThread’s Sam Jones led the second workshop, aimed at DJs, producers and sound engineers. Participants focussed on ways to create DJ-centric tracks that reflect a local identity, style or culture. Specialist input from internationally renowned musicians, producers, DJs and singers such as Wunmi, OY, Haja Madagascar and Gebrueder Teichmann helped in the creation of five original tracks over the course of the 3 days.

Rean full article here.


SSS feature on Jusi I Love.

This is the most incredible African House mixtape series I have ever listen to and the best thing is: This series has just started. ‘Talking Drums‘ is a product of the Nairobi/Chicago-based Sentient Sounds Sessions.

Read the full article here.

8. Okay Africa


Kenyan songstress Inami is a rising name in Nairobi’s blossoming house scene– a soiree which began last February with her ‘Supasta‘ collab with kamba artist Boneless and producer Saint-Evo. Almost a year later, Imani’s Little Lost EP reflects months of soaking in the eclectic nature of house music in Kenya

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7. Beats, Frames & Life


When she sings, everyone goes silent and when she is done, no one stays silent. Inami is one of the latest sensations in the Kenyan music scene.

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6. DRC ApeParel


House music in the African Diaspora is touching my soul and moving me in new ways. The world is so open to the infinite pool of creativity and grooves that make you feel “No Pain.” Take a #Listen&Hear to Inami’s debut EP “Little Lost” and let it ride from there.

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5. Bottomline Kenya



Inami, who’s collaboration with Bonless for the very successful house track Supasta, has been pretty busy of late. The Kenyatta University music student is the latest signing of Celsius Degrees Entertainment, an up-coming production house that’s specialized in eclectic house track and that sort of music. In fact, they are the good folks behind Supasta. Inami has a new four-track EP out entitled Little Lost.

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4. Jack Radio 



Jack Radio – The best new music from Colombia and around the world. Los Angeles-based Colombian band Palenke Soultribe, listen to their ‘Little Lost’ feature on the show.

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3. Radio Uhuru



The Kenyatta University music student is the latest signing of Celsius Degrees Entertainment, an up-coming production house that’s specialized in eclectic house tracks.

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2. Sound CityTV


Kenyan songstress Inami is a rising name in Nairobi’s blossoming house scene– a soiree which began last February with her ‘Supasta‘ collab with kamba artist Boneless and producer Saint-Evo. Almost a year later, Imani’s Little Lost EP reflects months of soaking in the eclectic nature of house music in Kenya. The four track late night anthem alternates between dance floor urges and soulful narration– a convergence of house influences from SA’s megastar industry to UK first lady of synth Jessie Ware.

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Session seven of ‘it’s a worldwide thing’ on Radio 79 New Delhi. This episode features a Kenyan House special with interviews and artist sounds that include Inami and St.Evo from the Nairobi-based label Celsius Degree. Also featured, the pow-wow A tribe called Red, India’s deep house Hamza and OManu and newness from Stones Throw and Tru Thoughts.

Check It out below